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About us

Presentsquare is a Еuropean company that offers unique personal gifts, created in the not so distant 2016. The idea for the name of the company came from the reaction of a woman upon receiving the first gift for one of the most significant occasions of her life, her wedding. When the beautiful bride saw her engraving, she exclaimed, 'This is the perfect present!' Thus, ​​the name Presentsquare was chosen because we want to create things that are perfect for bestowing as a present. In order to deliver our services in the best possible way, it is important to note that the company boasts the direct participation of an IT expert in the face of Nikolay Andonov, thanks to whom you can access the flawless site of Presentsquare and through which we all have the chance to 'gift smiles'.

Our mission is your happiness and that of your loved ones! We always do our best to give you the Perfect Present. In the world we live in, it is all too common for the gray everyday life to take control over us and more and more often we find ourselves missing out on the important moments in life. A smile exchanged with our loved one. Some pleasant or not so pleasant moments that we shared. Or just something you want to 'engrave' in your mind. The human mind tends to forget, so we try to create personal and unusual gifts that capture your unique memories. In this way, they can always stay with you, reminding you that life is wonderful!

Our vision:
We are here to share with you and remind you that memories are extremely precious because they remind us of the different stages of our lives. The vision of the Perfect Gift is to change the perception that everything in our lives is transient, just passing through and subsequently being forgotten forever. The pleasant memory does not need to be forgotten, because our products present you with an elegant way of storing those precious memories and encouraging them to continue to exist.

Our aim:
Our only aim is to help you make a loved one happy by giving him or her the Perfect Present!

Review by
Aleksandra Vurbanova
Thank you very much for the woodprint. Not only was it unique, but the team was also very pleasant and always available to answer any questions ❤❤❤


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